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The training institute for Interaction-skills; Leary's Rose and more.

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Self-consciously creating interaction

Leary Academy, the training institute to learn how to work with Leary’s Rose, and more.
We train professionals to acquire the challenging knowledge, insights and skills needed to fathom, understand and effectively influence interactions between people.
Influencing effectively and self-consciously creating interaction. That’s what Leary’s Rose is all about.
In our courses you learn to apply this powerful tool from 2 perspectives:
  • How can I effectively influence the ‘difficult’ behavior of others.
  • How do I train my environment to respond to me?

With a passion for the methodology and its underlying foundation, we bring the Leary’s Rose to a level of expertise and in-depth for every professional who wants to learn how to work with this powerful tool.

Do you want to learn how to apply the Leary’s Rose based on expertise and in-depth possibilities? We offer a wide range of training courses; from basic skills to interaction expert.


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